Before I attended Can Academy (former Premier Academy), I was pretty much a straight F student. I had no confidence. But after attending Can Academy (former Premier Academy) for two years, I now have a 4.0 G.P.A., and I am at the top of my class…Can Academy (former Premier Academy) has helped build up the confidence that I need to succeed in school. I’m very ambitious now.”– by Raymond Humes

I attended the Can Academy (former Premier Academy) from fifth through ninth grade. The instructors were attentive, gentle but firm, and overall great teachers. They expressed genuine concern for the student’s well-being and ascertained efficient and proficient learning process. The administrators were equally involved. I have had a positive experience.”– by Jade Jeng

I think premier academy is the best educational place there is. I started coming to Can Academy (former Premier Academy) at age five. The instructors have helped me improve in all my subjects. They have also helped me learn to fix my mistakes and behaviors. They even check my homework, so my parents don’t have to worry. They have helped me become a better person.” – by Michael Liu

Can Academy (former Premier Academy) has helped me succed in my academic career. I would like to thank them for having patience and passion to guide me to the right path. The education here is tremendous. I even made a lot of friends there. I recommend Can Academy (former Premier Academy) because they will push you really hard. It is a great place to prepare you for school and college.” – by Raymond Tran

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